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The ENG45 website has been implemented to teach English and the goal of this site is to teach and learn English as an international language. The main goal is education and learning and this site is required to provide information about the privacy of its users. Please read this section carefully because knowing your rights to the site is very important.

Under the terms of this site, ENG45 is committed to respecting all the privacy of its users and the commitment of the media is such that it will never disclose your personal information. It assures you that the users' data is kept securely and safe in the database.

What information do we collect?

Every site automatically collects the information of the people who visited or used the site.

The site ENG45 is no exception and it merely collects and analyzes the statistics that that are used to discuss training and improve site performance. This information includes the following:

1. Your computer's IP, The numeric address is automatically assigned to you by the Internet service provider when you enter the web.

2. The URL of the source site through which you entered our site, such as Google, Yahoo, or any other website.

3. Your login time to ENG45 system and the length of time you are guest and learning lessons and training.

4. Name and version of your operating system and Internet browser, for example Google Chrome or Windows XP/IE 8. This information will be automatically transmitted to us or any other website by your computer.

5. Pages from the site you are viewing.

We use the IP address to analyze the reports and collect the statistical information of the site. IP addresses have nothing to do with your private information.

Information on which pages you have watched for how many times, and so on. These are the information we collect to improve site performance.

ENG45 examines this information to determine the user's training status and website quality improvement. These statistics help us make education more practical and user-like.

For example, we use browser information to design our site in such a way that more people can view the site with the best quality and properly viewed with each site.

ENG45 assures you that only the statistical items listed will be added to improve the educational performance. These cases have nothing to do with the issues and privacy of users.


ENG45 performs all safety and security measures to protect user's information, whether online or offline.

This site, using the strongest and most secure servers and databases in the world, assures you that no person or persons have the ability to access the information.

All pages and information are completely safe and use the most up-to-date firewalls and antivirus for maintenance.

All your user information is encrypted and stored using the latest technology and in all respects it will be safe and secure.

Who are we sharing on this site?

ENG45 shares with no company, organization, person or third parties and has stepped into this field with just a matter of learning and training.

Learners and site users are assured that none of the ENG45 collections is intended to work with companies and individuals and performs educational activities only for providing training in English.

Again we note that:

Information such as family name and phone number, etc., is not provided to a person or third parties and the user's data is kept securely and safe in the database.

This collection of training does not provide any personal information of you learners to any company, organization, person or third parties.

If you have any questions about the rules of the site ENG45, you can share it with us in our contact section.

The ENG45 educational collection wishes you have some nice moments on this site.