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At first, thank you for choosing ENG45.com as an online English Language Teacher. Your goal is to learn and enhance English online and our task is to provide you with a new educational approach.

It is recommended to study the terms and conditions of use of the site in order to avoid any problem, please read the terms of the site before you use it. This is an agreement between us and you, dear learners can contact us if need further guidance about the items listed. It may improve the agreement or policies or change it. We suggest that you read this page often to be aware of possible changes to our policies.

Our goal is to provide educational services and it's always been the effort of this collection to offer the best and most up to date English teaching methods for the learners.

Provider service

This training collection offers the best English-language learning services using proficient English language professors.

This training collection provides various training and exercises using the world's most advanced educational methods.

These various training and exercises are together with different and beautiful videos and sounds and images, which will fascinate the language learners of this collection.

The variety of exercises and training materials on this site is unique and makes language learners not getting tired and bored. The different teaching methods and techniques on this site are always changing and the best practices apply. The information in this collection will always be updated with the latest training methods and English issues.

Videos and sounds and educational pictures are categorized in the lessons of this series and completely planned by qualified English professors.

Language learners can set their own courses by specifying their level of education and with their effort and trying can master this beautiful language.

This site is highly advanced in terms of design and provided a beautiful environment for training. It is implemented using the latest technology in the world in the field of design and programming.

Technologies used on this site have made it possible to with all the different devices and phones you, dear learners can be educated.

ENG45 is always up to date and it will be together with the latest technologies in training and design and programming.

Terms of purchase charge and training terms

Language learners can enter the ENG45 collection by registering and entering the training section. Then, with the promotion of membership, courses are provided for them indefinitely.

Learners are able to upgrade membership by any accelerated network bank card and they can buy the desired package.

Packages used when upgrading membership are scheduled and they will face each package in terms of their progress.

If the learner purchases the training package and then wants to change it or cancel it, ENG45 does not have a commitment to this and this is not possible.

The learner will be trained by purchasing the package according to the specified timetable and if he or she does not go through his lessons and exercises at that time, ENG45 has no obligation or commitment to do so.

At present, ENG45 does not provide a degree and it only works for online training and learning English.

The learner only needs his own effort to learn and he/she has to continue training and exercises repeat them to get a good result.

Terms of use of website information

Learners should disable download manager software when using website training and exercises.

In case of any errors or not playing videos or sounds because of the use of download manager software, ENG45 has no commitment and responsibility and the learner is responsible.

Due to the use of the latest design technologies, the learners are advised to use the latest Internet browsers to provide the best quality training.

The information gathered on this site, such as videos, sounds, pictures, and ... belongs to the ENG45 training collection and it can only be used on this site.

Any copying of this website's information, such as videos, sounds, images, etc., is subject to legal prosecution and it can be followed up by the judicial authorities.

If you have questions about the rules and policies of the site ENG45, you can share it with us in our contact section.